South Florida Shockers

Extra Work

Extra Training:

We do understand that while playing basketball kids can develop the fundamentals of the game while shooting, passing, dribbling, and learning the rules of the game, but extra time is needed in order to personally excel.

So, we have implemented a program that allows for this type of growth. We have created a training program to help maximize the positive effects of individual development. With the help of experienced coaches, our kids will be exposed to life skills, total basketball development, and positive affirmations to help empower their lives.

You’ll be teaching habits that will stick with these kids for the rest of their lives. And whether you like it or not, you’ll be setting an example and teaching kid’s lessons about life (good and bad). Kids are impressionable. They pick up on things.

You have an obligation and responsibility to teach them the right things – in both basketball and life.

When you think about it, teachers would do anything to get the enthusiasm that you get from your players. Kids actually like and want to play basketball.

Your players look up to you. They listen to you. And you have an amazing opportunity to make a POSITIVE impact on their lives!

You have a very important and rewarding job!

Player Development will include:

·         Dribbling & Ball Handling

·         Footwork & Body Positioning

·         Fitness & Conditioning

·         Mental Conditioning

·         Offense & Defensive Fundamentals

·         Passing & Perimeter Ball Movement

·         Rebounding & Boxing Out

·         Shoot & Release

Formula for Success

 As your kids grow and develop so should a coaches philosophy.

Our approach towards a game and the tactic we choose to use will always be determined by effort. Action is the result of effort. We want to instill in the minds of our kids the importance 100% effort. In many cases effort will outweigh potential or what is expected of.  With effort always tagging along a child’s skill and development will ultimately improve and hopefully surpass the expectations of their parents, friends, and coaches. But, one would have to put action to work. We believe this is the formula to success.